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Care Instructions

We want you to enjoy your high-quality modest swimwear for many years,
So here are a few tips to help you maintain over time:


The swimwear should be rinsed and washed thoroughly Immediately after each use.

Do not leave the swimwear wet without immediately rinsing it to remove the chlorine and saltwater. Do not leave the swimwear wet in a bag.


Hand wash

The swimwear should be washed gently by hand, with cold water with gentle detergents to remove the chlorine and salt residue from the swimwear.


Do not wash different colored fabrics together.

Different swimwear parts should be separated by color and washed separately.


Do not wring or soak the swimwear.


Hang to dry out of direct sunlight.

After washing the swimwear, turn it inside out and dry it in the shade, to maintain the quality of the elastic and the quality of the fabric and to prevent it from drying in direct sunlight that could damage the fibers of the fabric and stretch the swimwear.


Do not machine wash the swimwear or put it in the dryer.

The intensity of the machine’s rotations and the high temperature damage the fabric fibers of the swimwear and its quality and causes them to weaken and thus damage its elasticity.


Do not sit on rough surfaces while wearing the swimwear!

The fabric fibers are soft and delicate. Sitting on rough surfaces damages them. It is always advisable to sit on a towel and prevent direct contact of the swimwear with a surface that will damage it.


Not recommended

Do not wear the swimwear to salt, sulfur or mud pools and avoid contact of the fabric with sunscreen or tanning oil.

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